Positively Imagining the Future

We all know that the stories we tell ourselves have a habit of coming true. So what if someone could help you craft stories about possible, practical futures, that were positive? Stories that you could believe in? Wouldn’t that be kind of like having your own magic wand? That’s what Joe Tankersley does. He uses his gift of telling stories and uncanny ability to identify important trends to give us futures we can get excited about.


Making Meaning with Mary

Meet the designer and leader of the Design Management and Arts and Cultural Management programs at the Pratt Institute, Mary McBride. She describes herself as Person, Poet, Professor.


Flooding Insurance with Positivity

Jim Albert, data whizz kid and innovator in multiple industries. Lately, he’s turned his attention Flood Insurance going up against the behemoth US national flood insurance and winning. His company, Neptune Flood Insurance was recently named on the CNBC Upstart 100 list.