Jim Albert, data whizz kid and innovator in multiple industries. Lately, he’s turned his attention Flood Insurance going up against the behemoth US national flood insurance and winning. His company, Neptune Flood Insurance was recently named on the CNBC Upstart 100 list.

As an engineer and mathematician by training, Jim enjoys patterns. From a career standpoint, he’s led a pattern of transformations, along the way creating significant value for customers and investors. A common thread to the success of any business is how that business embraces and seeks out innovation and change.

At Neptune Flood, we are seeking to create positive turbulence in the flood insurance world, by creating a super simple customer experience, offer compelling coverages not available elsewhere, at a price that is a discount to the National Flood Insurance Program. Great user experience, great product options, and great prices. And we do all this having a lot of fun and acting like the tech startup that we are, rather than an insurance company.

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