Positive Turbulence

Positive Turbulence is an energizing climate that draws organizations towards a directed change. It provides stimuli to motivated people looking for ways to make their own contributions towards the success of the enterprise. 

Foundations of Positive Turbulence

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PhD, Creative Leader, Innovator, Oganizational Development Expert, Author

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What a rich source of inspiration! Positive Turbulence has found just the right mix of new thought, deep competence, and relevance in the space of innovation.”   

Jenny Heaton, Head People & Organization Development, Global Seeds, Syngenta

“The Positive Turbulence podcast delivers compelling perspectives and stories from real innovation managers charged with delivering value to their business processes, company cultures, and the consumers, clients, or patients they serve.  The creative ingenuity, perseverance, and accomplishments that the speakers articulate should inspire listeners that they too can drive creative turbulence in their own organizations.”

Stephan Wiet, Ph.D. Principal, Stephan Wiet Associates

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