Each episode explores the influence of positive turbulence on innovation. Turbulators illuminate critical moments of change and key insights.

Featured Episode: Episode 4, Season 1

Making Meaning With Mary McBride

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Rob Brodnick

My work focuses on three practice areas: strategy, innovation and design, and facilitation of all kinds. I help organizations spark thought and ideas, design and achieve their future vision, and navigate change as they focus, strengthen, and transcend current limitations. I catalyze conversations that change the future.

I also teach strategy and innovation and love to build learning communities. What strikes me about this podcast and our growing community of listeners is that it is a form of learning community and that in itself is a form of positive turbulence. Wheels within wheels…

I love the organic and rich connections that the podcast is creating for people. This is another conversation that’s changing the future.

Let’s continue the conversation, drop us a line using the Contact Us form.

Find our more about Rob at Sierra Learning Solutions and LinkedIn.

Karyn Zuidinga

For more than two decades as a User Experience Designer, Strategist, Innovator, and Entrepreneur, I’ve been helping organizations better understand their customers and evolve their businesses for the digital space. This experience has given me a front-row seat to the turbulence that is digital technology. I believe how we respond to, leverage, humanize and adapt to these changes is one of the fundamental questions of our time.

I have also seen that it doesn’t matter how creative, innovative, or just plain great an idea is if the organization is not ready to receive new ideas. Design thinking will not help. No amount of research-based insight will persuade. It’s like throwing seeds on concrete. 

What this podcast has taught me is that by generating Positive Turbulence you CAN change the narrative. You CAN shift the culture. And you CAN spark amazing insights and designs that will transform the world.

I hope you, our brilliant, lovely listener can find as much inspiration, joy, energy and positive turbulence from this podcast as we do. Thank you for listening and sharing. Want to add something to the conversation? Reach out through the Contact Us form.

Find out more about Karyn at NextWAVE Innovation and LinkedIn.