ami – An Innovation Learning Community

AMI is a pioneering 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of committed individuals who foster and leverage creativity and innovation in organizations and society. AMI identifies leading-edge innovation, shares experiences, sponsors research and recognizes innovation and creative processes.

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Sierra Learning Solutions

Sierra Learning Solutions catalyzes conversations that change the future. SLS brings the best of thought leadership and expert practice to help organizations spark thought and ideas, design and achieve their future vision, and navigate change as they focus, strengthen, and transcend current limitations. ​ SLS’s work focuses on four practice areas: strategy, organizational development, innovation and design, and facilitation of all kinds.


NextWAVE Innovation

NextWAVE innovation uses strategic foresight, user research, and design thinking tools to help thoughtful, values and mission-driven organizations discover their next radical innovation.

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Mack Avenue Music Group

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Crown Packaging

Crown Packaging is an integrated manufacturer and marketer of corrugated cartons and sheets, printed paper wraps and wallboard tape.

Crown Packaging has built its strong and loyal customer base by developing and nurturing strategic partnership-style relationships. Establishing a thorough understanding of their client’s marketing, operational and distribution needs and strategies, then tailoring packaging solutions with outstanding graphic and structural design characteristics to meet those goals is the benefit both Crown Packaging and their customers realize.

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Neptune Flood Insurance

In 2016, Neptune Flood Insurance was created by merging technology, math algorithms, and insurance expertise into an innovative flood insurance product. The result was affordable coverage for thousands of Americans – delivered in an effortless, intuitive and on-demand platform. It’s backed by some of the largest insurance markets in the world.

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College Confident

Through personal college advisor counseling or semi-private sessions, we help students get into college and families find the best financial aid package. It’s time for you to beat the business of higher education and get the system to work for you. ​

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Menlo Innovations

Since 2001, Menlo has pursued returning joy to technology. Our mission is to end human suffering in the world as it relates to technology.®

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College Confident

INNOVEVE® is an innovation consultancy led by founder Fabienne Jacquet, Ph.D.  Fabienne’s mission is to empower organizations and individuals to recognize and value feminine and masculine traits associated with innovation. Organizations of any size and type can combine these traits for more meaningful and sustainable innovation.

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