In this episode, we talk to Dan Buchner Product Designer, Innovator, Creative Leader, and now innovator and designer of social ventures. Dan is a creative force and thought-leader in the world of product, service, and organizational design with a fantastic history of solving wicked problems.

Dan helps leaders and their teams innovate to advance their organizations and communities.

Some highlights:

Leading for Innovation
Assisted senior leaders in creating cultures to support the development of innovative products and services to advance their organizations. This included work with senior teams and individual coaching to develop the leadership practices needed to enable innovation within their organizations.

Designing learning experiences
Designed and delivered transformative learning experiences for leaders who want to advance their leadership practices. These focused on personal development as well as learning creative approaches to addressing complex challenges.

Applying Design Thinking
Guided the implementation of design thinking methods within organizations and communities resulting in new and successful approaches to complex challenges they faced. These included challenges such as citizen engagement within rural communities, economic development in developing countries, and citizen focused government services.

Leading for businesses
Established and lead design studios, marketing departments and innovation labs within large businesses and consulting firms. As a member of senior executive teams I have co-lead businesses through difficult economic times and organizational change to achieve high levels of business performance and success. Co-founded and started up a successful manufacturing business.

New product development
Authored an implemented new product development processes within large organizations resulting in significant revenue growth, and elevated brand perceptions. This work included process design and leading organizational change.

Designed award winning consumer products resulting in profitable growth for manufacturing businesses. These ground breaking products resulted in me receiving 25 patents and numerous design and innovator awards.

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