Turbulating College With Confidence

Season 1,
Episode 2
(36 mins)
Turbulating College With Confidence
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Turbulating College With Confidence

In this episode, we talk to Emilia Wiles, the founder and CEO of College Confident, an organization whose mission is to get students into college and not into debt. Emilia is disrupting the world of higher education.

As the founder of numerous companies including College Confident, College Confident Tours and College Confident Prep for private clients, Emilia specializes in unique college access programming for high school students. She is a youth development specialist with over ten years of experience in developing successful programming. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University and Parsons New School for Design.

Emilia’s work has not only put young people in schools they would never have dreamed of, but in doing so is changing the schools themselves. Ultimately she’s looking to blow the doors off these gated communities and change the way higher education works in the United States. Our conversation with her is lively, thought-provoking and engaging. A MUST listen for any parent whose children are nearing or at the high school stage.

Find out more about Emilia and the work she’s doing to help end student debt in America:

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