Simulating Turbulence

From the center for medical simulation in Boston to our periphery, we bring you a conversation with Jenny Rudolph, Executive Director at the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston Massachusetts. Jenny is a master at team building and leadership and a natural and effective turbulator. The discussion of Leadership is so often focused on individual strengths and skills. Jenny offers us a framework for how individuals combine to create effective teams.

Discover Your Venus Genius

The problem with innovation is that it’s handled like a business with masculine energy. It is very fact-based, data-based KPIs performance, speed, or so says Fabienne Jacquet, author of Venus Genius: The Female Prescription. Fabienne offers a solution and a whole lot of positive turbulence by making an important link to the power of feminine traits and how these are key to the front-end of innovation. She’s pointing at something that everyone sees, but no one is talking about.

John Cimino

Concert of Ideas: Activate the Genius Inside

Is your team stuck in a rut? Maybe you’re all burnt out after flexing, managing and adjusting through the pandemic. Join John Cimino, founder of Creative Leaps International, as we explore one highly effective way he developed to quickly generate positive turbulence for teams and change cultures using a technique called Concert of Ideas. It’s unusual. It’s out there. And it works! John’s got 30 years of experience doing this and he shares some amazing stories.

Positive Turbulence + Green Sand = A Potent Tool to Fight Climate Change

Climate change is a wicked problem. It will take a systems-thinking level solution to tackle it. Kelly Erhart, co-founder of Project Vesta has just the elegant solution we’ve been waiting for using green sand beaches and enhanced coastal weathering of olivine rock. Talk about turbulence! Kelly is a practical optimist and has a remarkably elegant solution. There’s hope here and some big mental shifts to check into.

The Human Side of Leadership

Another crack in the system that is being exposed right now is that the Great Person Theory of leadership, which is really the command and control model in a nicer suit, is way too rigid. To be great leaders we need to cultivate our emotional intelligence and ability to flex and be collaborative. Elaine Broe offers us a fresh take sprinkled with humor and humility.