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What the positive turbulence web log is all about.
September 4, 2005

Positive turbulence, a rich source for novelty and a medium for detecting the direction of change, is just outside the carapace of your awareness. We call it the periphery, the edge that demarks the end of your day-to-day awareness that you need to be effective and successful today.

Because of our daily demands, most of us have little time for this important diversion yet it is our belief that you avoid this opportunity to extend your awareness at your organization's peril.

Why? Because we believe the clues for the direction of future change and opportunities for related innovations can be found on the periphery of your thinking and on the periphery of your organization. The web log will be a source for elucidating this phenomena suggesting data points, not even trends unless we begin to see a pattern suggesting a direction for change, outside the readers daily awareness.

Out on the periphery leaders, managers, individuals, the organization (pick one) must move from an analytic framework to one of pattern recognition. The metric must be switched or you will not see the novel data points at the distance of your awareness. And if you do not see the leading edge indicators of change, you will not identify or recognize the pattern in time to lead the innovation being suggested by the change. You will be managed by change rather than influencing to your advantage the management of the change.

Come to this web site for new impulses and allow the novelty to interact with your own experiences and your understanding of the market place and assess if the novelty is a pattern with potential gravitas or just a one off case. For pattern recognition take low amplitude, low frequency, static filled signals from the periphery and give them the potential for meaning and usefulness for you and your organization.

Let us know if you find the novelty useful.

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